How can Rejuvenated help me?


Staying hydrated can make such a difference to health and well being, read our points below to find out how Rejuvenated products can help.

Drinking enough water one of the hardest things to do, one of the best ways to advise clients to do this to just have a bottle on your desk throughout the day and sip in between your teas or coffees. If you needed any further convincing about how water interacts with you cells here is just a little part of the story. Optimum levels of water in the body:

• Help kidneys excrete acids

• Relieves stress

• Reduces cholesterol levels

• Helps blood pressure

• Prevents headaches

• Helps to prevent hangovers

• Prevents fatigue

• Helps prevent allergic reactions

• Helps with dehydration and dryness or the skin Dehydration symptoms:

• Dark yellow urine (pale urine is healthy)

• Constipation

• Bad skin

• Hunger

• Mood swings

• High cholesterol

• Joint problems

• Headaches

Water is lost through perspiration, breathing, coughing, sneezing, menstruating, going to the loo –

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is not a magic ticket to being hydrated at cellular level. When cells in the body are truly hydrated from the inside it triggers a multitude of reactions so the body is in healing mode and it is in the best situation to protect itself and to heal and repair tissue.

Studeis have shown that cellular hydration may encourage the release of growth hormone and DNA repair while it decreases acidity in cells and improves fat burning potential. Cells can only perform their vast number of tasks if they are correctly hydrated, consuming water will only serve to increase water outside the cells.

General tap water and bottle water does not necessarily hydrate the cells from the inside and may increase water around the outside of the cells. However key ionic minerals can help in the transfer of this extracellular water to crossing the cell membrane to give healthy hydrated cells.

A study carried out by the Ohio University looked at the effect that enhanced hydration may have on blood pressure levels. 2 groups were assessed, the first took on board extra hydration over a period of 3 days combined to the second which didn’t.

Products that help

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H3O Hydration®

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