How to Stay Youthful with Jamie Veitch

Sheffield Live Radio is a vibrant community radio and local TV channel. Local business man and Entrepreneur Jamie Veitch, heads up the radio’s Weekly Business programme and he’s always on the look-out for businesses with a story of interest to share with his listeners and beyond.  Knowing this, our UK Account Director, Alex Gardner who is also a friend and associate of Jamie’s, got in touch to tell him about what she said to be a ‘strong Sheffield brand’.

At Rejuvenated we’re recognised around the world within the well-being and supplements industry and our founder, Kathryn, family and small team quietly get on with running their ever-growing business from their base on the edge of Sheffield.  Alex explained that not only does Rejuvenated have a story to share but also have a heart for their clients, both local and around the world.

One of the areas of particular interest to Jamie was the brands desire to reduce their impact on the environment and how they have been reducing the use of plastic in their packaging over the last few years with an aim to be plastic free by the end of 2020.  He also wanted to chat about the decisions Rejuvenated faces around Brexit and how we are carefully sailing our ship through these unchartered waters.  Whilst we already sell our range in Europe there remains excellent options for growth…

Listen to Kathryn talk about the science behind Rejuvenated products and the practicalities of working with your nearest and dearest.

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